5 Best Coding Languages for Kids in 2022 – From Age 6 and Above

2. Python

Python is a fun way to get your kids started with programming. Python gives a foundation for kids on how programming syntax and semantics work, in addition to being simple to learn and grasp. Python is a text-based programming language that allows you to type in English.

3. Javascript

From afar, javascript may not appear to be the finest child coding language. Children, on the other hand, may quickly learn Javascript thanks to dynamic and entertaining learning tools. Javascript will provide your child with a strong foundation in text-based languages. This will provide them with the ideal starting point for learning HTML and CSS. Javascript for kids teaches youngsters how basic tech structures function, such as how the web works, online games, and websites.

4. Ruby

Ruby is one of the top programming/coding frameworks for children in the world. Ruby’s code framework has the appearance of a children’s book. This takes kids through the principles of coding while telling a story. Exercises in the form of excursions, activities, and movies are included. Ruby is an appropriate kid’s coding language for children aged 5 and up.

5. C++

There has long been a debate about whether C++ is a good coding language for kids. This is due to the language’s mathematical phrases and calculations. It does, however, serve as a stepping stone for your child, since it exposes them to a more arithmetic structure. They are trained to conceive of real-time problem solutions using computations and technical simulations that they can create using the language. C++ provides a fundamental foundation for children, regardless of how we look at it.