Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a defined process, used for planning, creating, testing, and developing high-quality softwares and information systems, to meet customer expectations. SDLC consists of a detailed plan with its own process and deliverables that feed into the next phase. It is also referred to as an Application Development life-cycle. SDLC Phases; Phase 1: Requirement collection …

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How to use IndexDB, LocalStorage and Session Storage – Browser Storage

IndexDB vs LocalStorage vs Session Storage? Which of these browser storage options should you go for in your project? Modern web browsers support multiple ways for users to store data on their computer – and of course with the user’s permission, then retrieve the data when needed. Such information could be login data, user session details, user information, etc. These …

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Moving to Germany as a Software Developer or a Techie – What to expect and requirements

So you are a software engineer, a product manager, a project manager, or an IT support specialist, and you are looking to explore new opportunities abroad, in Germany to be precise, that might be an interesting choice. Tech jobs are pretty much available anywhere in the world, but Germany offers amazing opportunities for Tech experts to thrive and attain fulfillment …

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Woocommerce versus Shopify

woocommerce versus shopify

  The shift to digital and advanced technology in commerce has changed the way we do business, online stores are sustainably replacing brick and mortar stores, creating resources and opportunities for business doers. E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, internet commerce, and online commerce, has become the basic means through which online stores carry out their business transactions on the …

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Memento Design Pattern by Oladipo Timothy

memento design pattern

The Memento pattern is best used whenever we want to keep track of changes to the state of an object. Most time in a chess game or perhaps in an application that undo-s. We want to be able to go the previous state of an object easily. The easiest solution that comes to mind is keeping such changes in a …

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Is Coding really Hard to Learn? Advice for Beginners

is coding hard

Is coding really hard to learn? We have the perfect beginners guide for you. If you are here, you are interested in making a career change to become a programmer, so let’s get started. Software developers work on fascinating projects and command really impressive salaries, considering the huge demand for the skill, it’s no wonder you are interested in the …

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How to fix: Prop types validation error – is missing in props validation – 2024

props validation

‘React eslint error missing in props validation’ error appears when trying to compile your React App? There are a number of ways to fix this quickly, but here’s the fastest; To fix the ‘React eslint error missing in props validation’ when developing a React app, we can set the prop types of the props in the component causing the error. …

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How to create a Github repository and use Git – all Github commands list 2022

GitHub Repository Guide – a step-by-step guide on how to create GitHub repositories on VS Code and how to use GitHub. Visual Studio Code is one of the foremost source code editing softwares for building, editing, and debugging codes. It was made by Microsoft in 2015 and has since gained popularity across several operating systems, due to its simplicity, and …

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Learn Data Analytics without any Tech Experience

Data analytics

Data analytics is one of the quickest ways to make that big jump into tech, in this present day. You’re probably here because you’ve found some interest in Data Analytics, so, be sure to read to the end! Do you love solving problems analytically and approaching problems in the right way, not only in the professional world but also in …

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Software development for beginners – Getting Started

software development

Thrilled to learn software development? Interestingly, there are tons and heaps of materials out there, and you don’t just know where to start! You’re getting overwhelmed! Take a deep breath, we’ll simplify this for you from experience… Software development has become the next big thing in this present day! Business environments are evolving, every country in the world wishes to …

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