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How to create media query for a Material UI Modal

To create a media query for a Material UI modal in React, you can use CSS media queries. First, you’ll need to determine the breakpoint at which you want the modal to be displayed differently. For example, let’s say you want the modal to be displayed as a full-screen dialog on small screens and as a centered dialog on larger …

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How to use IndexDB, LocalStorage and Session Storage – Browser Storage

IndexDB vs LocalStorage vs Session Storage? Which of these browser storage options should you go for in your project? Modern web browsers support multiple ways for users to store data on their computer – and of course with the user’s permission, then retrieve the data when needed. Such information could be login data, user session details, user information, etc. These …

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How to fix: Prop types validation error – is missing in props validation – 2024

props validation

‘React eslint error missing in props validation’ error appears when trying to compile your React App? There are a number of ways to fix this quickly, but here’s the fastest; To fix the ‘React eslint error missing in props validation’ when developing a React app, we can set the prop types of the props in the component causing the error. …

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Fix Page not Found Error for React Router on Netlify App

Were you trying to deploy a live React App on Netlify and you ran into a “Page not found” error while navigating to inner pages in your routes. The error often looks like this; Why do we see this error? React Router handles routing on the client-side (browser) so when you visit a non-root page (e.g., Netlify (server-side) does …

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