Free Web Development Training – From the basics – HTML & CSS

So, you wish to become a software developer, and you don’t know where to start?

We at Devs and Techies are taking 15 young individuals on a journey to mastering the fundamentals of web development in 2 weeks – FOR FREE!!!

Starting July 15, 2022 – July 29 – 2022.

  • 3 classes weekly
  • 100% online classes
  • Slots available for 15 students only

Sure won’t be an easy ride and we are interested in only the brave-hearted…

…and by so, we are making the opportunity available to only passionate individuals.

No prior knowledge of website design is required, in fact, only newbies are allowed to come on board…

You are going to LEARN by DOING!!!

So we start with the building blocks, HTML and CSS —


  • HTML Layouts
  • Elements and structures
  • Tables
  • HTML attributes
  • Forms and surveys
  • Understanding CSS positioning
  • Website responsiveness
  • Best Practices


  • CSS box model
  • CSS positioning
  • CSS grid
  • CSS flexbox
  • Responsive design and media queries
  • CSS frameworks

and more…


You do not need any special experience, and there are no special requirements – All you need is a laptop and stable internet to take classes with. If you do not have these, you may have to wait till another cohort…

So, to join, please follow these instructions carefully…


  • Follow Devs n Techies on Instagram @devsntechies and our Facebook Group – here – announcements on shortlisted users will be made on our official Instagram account.
  • Shortlisted students will be chosen at random, based on their level of interest…


  • Fill out the registration form and the end of this instruction, as we can only select serious-minded individuals only!



Do not be selfish, invite someone too…

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