Top 10 most popular work from home jobs hiring and how much they pay


Decades ago, doing an office job remotely sounded like science fiction, but now, it is both possible and easy. Powered by email, video chat, and all sorts of tech tools, working from home saves you the daily stress of commuting, your time, and money.

We are covering the 10 most popular work-from-home jobs hiring right now, entry requirements, and what they pay.

10. Social Media Manager

Average Salary: £31,259

A social media manager uses the company’s social media accounts to show people different things the company sells and talk to people who might want to buy them. They should know a lot about what the company sells, so they can answer questions from customers. They also need to know who the company’s customers are and share things like articles, videos, and music that these customers would like. Social media managers are like the voice of the company, so they need to be good at talking to people and know what type of people use different social media.


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