Top 10 most popular work from home jobs hiring and how much they pay

3. Personal Trainer

Average Salary: £28,338 per year

A personal trainer (also called PT) is someone who knows a lot about exercise and staying healthy. They can teach others how to exercise properly. They can work at a gym or on their own. Sometimes they pay a fixed amount to use the gym, but they keep all the money they make from training their own clients. How much they can charge depends on how much they know and where they work (usually it’s around the same as how much things cost in that area). Surprisingly, a lot of a personal trainer’s work is done on a computer. They talk to clients through email, make plans for them, track their progress, write blogs, and use social media. Some personal trainers can even work from home and talk to clients online using video chat. So, while the clients relax at home, the personal trainer helps them get fit and healthy.

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